Commonly asked Knee Surgery Questions

Knee Surgery Answers

How long must patients stay in the hospital after total knee replacement surgery ?

Patients are normally required to stay 2 days in the hospital before discharge. However, the day of surgery they are able to walk & sit with assistance.

How can I get more information and/or schedule an appointment?

Please contact Ms. Bagheri at +98-513-842-7305 during office hours or request an appointment online here.

Do I need X-Rays before I visit an orthopedic surgeon?

Yes. Contact our office and Ms. Bagheri will give you the number & address of an X-Ray technician in Mashhad. Please bring them to your consultation.

You can also send us your x-rays via email, WhatsApp, IMO or any other platform to give advise before your visit

How long do I need time off of work and to drive again after knee surgery?

The post-operative recovery period varies based on the patients physical condition. Generally, it is recommended patients take one month off work to recover from any surgery and to resume light duty following resumption of work or drive. Dr. Ganji will give you specific instructions to follow for a successful recovery.

What happens if knee surgery is put off?

Some complications of not undergoing a total knee replacement surgery for your condition include progressive severe pain and loss of joint motion. Eventually you will not be able to walk without a walker or even a wheelchair if surgery is avoided. If indicted, total knee replacement is mandatory.

Avoiding surgery will have profound negative effect on your daily activities. Delaying surgery may make it more difficult and affect patient satisfaction after surgery.

What is the sequence of events after I decide to schedule an appointment?

A total of 2 visits are required before the surgery is performed by Dr. Ganji; these visits can be combined for our patients who live outside Mashhad.

These visits may include:

  • An initial consultation
  • A pre-operative testing and education
  • Surgery
  • Two or three post-operative appointments
  • An annual visit which would need to be repeated every year, if in the country.

What type of prosthetic is used for knee surgery?

Dr. Ganji uses the same type prosthesis which is used in standard total joint replacements. These include high flex and gender specific knee prosthetics made in such as the US, and all prosthesis are FDA approved.

Dr. Ganji commonly uses American made Smith & Nephew prosthesis.

Does Dr. Ganji perform every surgery himself?

Yes. Dr. Ganji performs every knee surgery himself, from start to finish.

How long before I can resume driving after knee surgery?

You should wait at least 1 month before driving after surgery. Depending on things such as transmission type and which knee surgery was performed on, affects how long before you can return to driving. Your surgeon will provide more specifics for your particular situation.

When can I resume exercising after TKR surgery?

Dr. Ganji will instruct you about post-treatment exercises – the type and the duration to be followed. You will be referred to a physical therapist to help with strengthening and range of motion exercises following surgery.