About Partial Knee Replacement

A short explanation of the benefits of a partial knee replacement and the importance of having a specialist do a checkup when feeling discomfort.

The 10 Basic Principles of Total Knee Arthroplasty

A lecture given at Acibadem University on tips when performing total knee replacement.

Information for Patients of Simultaneous Bi-Lateral TKR

What to expect after simultaneous bi-lateral total knee replacement. What exercises to do to expedite recovery time & make sure the surgery is a success.

Hip or Knee Problem?

An explanation about referral pain. Learn more about how the hip can worsen the pain in your knees.

Valgus Knee Deformities

A short lecture on treating valgus knee deformity.

Simultaneous Bi-Lateral Knee Replacement

80 year old male suffering from severe osteoarthritis & valgus knee deformity. Treatment & Recovery from TKR.