Elderly Gentleman Walks Again

Watch this inspirational story of an elderly man suffering from severe windblown knees & how knee surgery brought him out of depression to regain his his life back.

About Partial Knee Replacement

A short explanation of the benefits of a partial knee replacement and the importance of having a specialist do a checkup when feeling discomfort.

The 10 Basic Principles of Total Knee Arthroplasty

A lecture given at Acibadem University on tips when performing total knee replacement.

Information for Patients of Simultaneous Bi-Lateral TKR

What to expect after simultaneous bi-lateral total knee replacement. What exercises to do to expedite recovery time & make sure the surgery is a success.

Hip or Knee Problem?

An explanation about referral pain. Learn more about how the hip can worsen the pain in your knees.

Valgus Knee Deformities

A short lecture on treating valgus knee deformity.

Simultaneous Bi-Lateral Knee Replacement

80 year old male suffering from severe osteoarthritis & valgus knee deformity. Treatment & Recovery from TKR.

20 Days after Bi-Lateral Knee Replacement

60 year old lady walks on her own and explains her experience after having both of her knee replaced.

Testimonial after Total Knee Replacement

80 year old lady & her son talk about her life altering total knee replacement surgery.

Travels from Oman to Walk Again

A story of a woman in her 80's & her son from Oman who searched many countries to meet with countless surgeons in search of the best orthopedic surgeon.